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Writing more in 2024

I’ve never fancied myself as a writer; I think I write well in general, but at no point in my career have I ever been tasked with writing as my primary activity. To make extra cash, I’d write travel articles while I worked in news. That led to a staff job as a travel editor. But in that role, I spent maybe 10 percent of my time writing

That’s not to say I didn’t do my share of writing; often enough, I’d have to salvage an article from some freelancer who talked a big game but came up short on copy. Thus is the life of an editor.

The last year or so has allowed me to write more frequently. That has been refreshing. But I also look at my blog and think about all that has changed since I finally got this domain launched at the end of 2022. Suffice it to say: A lot.

With that in mind, my goal is to post once a week on my personal site, even if it’s only for me. Aside from the agency and freelance work that’s humming right now, I have a few pet projects I aim to work on throughout the year. It should be easier for me to focus on those projects now that I have a few steady clients and don’t have to fret about ginning up business as much. Those include:

  • That book I keep talking about
  • Two script ideas I’ve been kicking around (though I’ve never written a script)
  • One affiliate website idea
  • Three recreational website ideas

Last year was a great and different year for myriad reasons, but my hope is for 2024 to build on that. The main way I see that happening for me is by writing more. If I can bang out about five pages per week, I’ll be happy by the end of the year.

We’ll see how I keep up, but it’s not a bad thing to be hopeful on Jan. 2.

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