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My new side hustle about Spain

There’d be no way to know how or why there was a two-month gap between blog posts here, but in fact, I have a good reason: I was working on a side project.

One of the goals I’ve set into motion is putting together a website about Spain. It’s the place I love most in the world and arguably the topic I know the most about:

  • I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and got a 4 on the AP exam
  • I won departmental awards from the Spanish & Portuguese department at Ohio State
  • I studied at Universidad Complutense de Madrid for a semester
  • I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Spanish language and literature
  • I taught English at a bilingual primary school in Madrid
  • I passed both the DELE B2 and C1 exams
  • I applied (and failed) to win a Fulbright grant to Spain
  • I’ve read numerous books in Spanish and watched countless movies in Spanish
  • I’ve been to almost every autonomous community at this point

If it wasn’t clear: I love Spain more than just about anything and have gone to great lengths throughout my adult life to maintain my contact with the people, culture and history of Spain.

For about half of my tenure in New York, I wanted nothing more than to find a way to live and work in Spain again. That proved kinda difficult visa-wise, and enough of my friends who’d moved to Spain in their early twenties moved back to the U.S. by their mid-thirties.

That’s not to say their stories reflect my own, but I know that moving to another country doesn’t automatically solve all one’s problems, and new difficulties arise when acclimating to that place, its economy and politics.

Even so, the advent of Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa in 2023 caught my attention; I’d been toying with the idea of a career change, and the idea of working for myself meshed with the possibility of moving to Spain on a DNV. If I can keep building my portfolio of clients, I’ll be making more than enough money to live comfortably in any of the places I’ve considered moving. Maybe that dream will become reality!

The website, called Remotely Spanish, is still in its nascent stages and could use some design work. But it serves a few purposes:

  • I have an outlet to express my love for Spain
  • It’s a sandbox for me to play around with SEO and marketing tactics
  • It might actually prove useful to others
  • I get to explore the idea of working remotely in Spain as a digital nomad
  • Maybe I’ll make money off of it!

I don’t anticipate the website being a traffic juggernaut, but hey, if it works and I manage to make a couple bucks off it it, that’d be great.

Mostly, I’m using my SEO knowledge and keyword planning chops to produce articles about topics I already know in great detail. It’s not hard for me to write 800-2,000 words on any of the topics I’ve targeted; I can usually bang out a whole article in one evening, or perhaps two if I want to self-edit.

So, there’s the explanation behind the content gap. We’ll see if it takes

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