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LinkedIn is the worst place to find work

At some point, LinkedIn became Facebook circa 2017. There’s both an Instagram page and a subreddit dedicated to LinkedIn Lunatics. People post completely unhinged material on LinkedIn that you’d be embarrassed to see or hear about in an office, and anymore, my feed is clogged by “thought leaders” and influencers who post selfies, a stream of drivel about whatever product they’re selling, and sometimes, job postings. Last week, this cringe-worthy post that somehow wasn’t parody took off (one of my former bosses “loves” this) where a guy announced his engagement and what it taught him about B2B sales. Yuck.

But that’s not what this post is about. I still log into LinkedIn multiple times weekly because for a freelancer, it provides some utility and offers connections to potential work. The competition is often fierce. Look no further than this post I came across on a Monday morning at 9:15 a.m.

LinkedIn competition

By all measures, this is an OK gig — the kind I’d throw my hat into the ring for. The range is pretty vague though, and I can’t tell if this was a publicity stunt or an earnest call for applications. If it’s the former, it worked. If it’s the latter, well, good luck getting noticed in the stream of 1,000 comments it got in only 13 hours!

Here’s another one I saw a few hours later for a “freelance Vice President:”

What in god’s name is a freelance Vice President?

The advice I offered to a former colleague recently who was laid off: Don’t spend more than 30 minutes in a day on LinkedIn. It’s for your own sanity.

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